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Our Story

Genix Yoga is founded by Akshit Chawla with a belief that Yoga can shift our genes. It is said that the deeper planes of consciousness can be achieved if our body is ready for it.

That said, in reference to our ancient texts, it is of utmost importance to keep our body and mind sane to keep diseases at a distance. A disease can be any simple hindrance that blocks our yogic path.

Genix will be helpful with some specially curated products and services to let you overcome your limitations.


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Akshit Chawla

After completing his in Electrical and Electronics and being an entrepreneur for more than 8 years and running an e-commerce portal, Akshit soon realized that his calling was somewhere else. He started going deep into his Yoga practice naturally which he has been practicing for more than a decade. His fondness of learning more about asanas in 2018, helped him turn into a full-time practitioner and teacher by 2019. Having a couple of years of teaching experience, he has come up with this portal to make the learning of Yogic practices easier for the masses. He aims to launch a few products and services which will definitely enhance one's practice.

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